Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making our farm dreams come true!

We have always been looking for the right house on the right property in the right location.  After years of searching (and almost buying a place that was too far away) we have found the perfect solution!  

We recently bought 20 acres of land on the south side of the lake near the town we live in!  Great location, only 15 minutes to town!  It is still in the school districts where we are currently.  The land is about 3/4 mile down the road from a trail head that has access to 50 MILES of equestrian trails!!!  About 3-5 acres of the land is treed, the rest is brome pasture.  

We hope to build our dream home there next spring!  Until then, we plan to get busy doing whatever improvements we can with our sweat equity!  

I am standing in the north central part of the land, looking West.  This is a small treed area with the 'gate' being just to the left of the trees.

Here is the north tree line, looking NE.  Our fence runs along behind these trees.  Our North 'neighbors' are 60 acres of unbuildable land owned by a trust.

Looking East- we have about 3-5 acres treed.

Picnic Cutie!

John coming out of the NW treed corner.  He had to chase off the neighbor's dog.  

 To the South.  Our property goes back a ways and then we have two neighbors to the south. 



 Happy to be on our very own land!


Family picture time!

Here we are parked along the East tree line in the NE corner of the pasture land.  We are about to start exploring the woods!

Love them!

Here we have the north property line- expressed by a barbed wire fence and a rock wall.

Very overgrown with brush.  We will be clearing out as much as possible so that walking will be easier. Not sure yet if we will clear trails or just try to methodically clear out the whole underbrush.

I just LOVE these old rock walls.  It makes me feel so connected to the past and the history of the land.  Someone, ages ago, picked up these rocks by hand, carried them behind a horse, and placed them right here.  I love it.  This one runs north/south for a while.

You can see here that the land has a bit of a slope to it.  It slopes down towards a creek that runs through at least 2 neighbor's properties.

 Explaining to Paisley that someday, this will all be hers!

I am hoping that this is a dry creek bed.  
Oh, it would be so awesome to have a creek!  

We are somewhere between the south property line and the middle of the land here, looking north.  

Checking for ticks.  Blech.

Looking NW.  We will probably build the house up on this hill in the middle of the property with the front facing the road and the back porch facing the NE corner looking into the woods.

Facing West, the road runs along this way over the other side of the hill.

I am so excited to share this news with you and 
want to thank all of our friends and family for supporting us!  

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Story said...

Looks like a beautiful piece of property! Congratulations, you must be so excited.