Monday, February 8, 2010

Student and Teacher

Recently I have started to see a real difference in my perception of Boomer due to training with guidance.  I have long held that goals are an integral part of any training plan.  I am the kind of person who thrives on lists and goals.  However, in the past four weeks of riding under a trainer, I have sort of been riding without goals.  Well, without goals in the sense that only the trainer really knows what we will be doing the following week based on how far we have come.  That is to say, my only goals for the last month have been to improve upon what tools I have recently learned.  It is improving for the sake of improvement.  

It is a real joy to be the student rather than the teacher.  In some ways, it is a relief after the past 18 months of being the teacher to allow myself to be the student.  

To be at this point that I can be a student on Boomer is really incredible to me.  I feel that Boomer and I are at a place where we are both learning together.  I am really proud of him for coming this far.  


jennybean79 said...

It's wonderful how you and Boomer are growing and learning together. Good luck with the lessons to come! :)

Shanster said...

Yes - that is one awesome and amazing and FUN feeling isn't it?!