Monday, March 15, 2010

Steady Contact

After Wednesday's great lesson I was looking forward to seeing if the progress had 'stuck'. Sure enough, we went through the same warm up, walking on the buckle, then halt and flex the neck until he is deep, round, and light in my hand. From there we walked and trotted with great success. The canter is still just there, cantering along. I was very happy with his progress. I think that Karin is started to really get to know Boomer and figure out what tricks to use for him personally. The halt-flexion-walk seemed to really tap into his submission, which he needs to get a better handle on. I am very excited and happy with his progress at this point!

I cleaned my tack also for the first time in a few months. I almost forgot how nice my stuff could look when clean! I cleaned everything except my western saddle. I just couldn't bring myself to undertake such a task!


Shanster said...

Maybe I have a handy trick to pass along to you? My trainer does this and I picked it up. Buy the extra thick baby wipes - they are glycerin and natural oils and when done riding, give a light once over on your tack with them.

Keeps everything much cleaner in between the deep cleanings!

AND then then you also have them for when you have to go pee in the trailer or you get something gross on your hand or for a quick polish to your boots before heading to the show ring or to clean your face when it's all sweaty and covered in dust! They are so handy to have around!

Heather said...

What a great idea!!!