Friday, April 16, 2010

Eagle Ranch Spring Fling- Pictures

I hope you enjoy these pictures from the weekend! It was a truly awesome time and I can't wait until our next ride!

Setting up camp:


Sleeping Quarters:

Family Photo:

Photogenic JJ:

My boy:

Boomer thought it was too early for flash photography:

Morning person:

Not a morning person:

The race is on:

Vet check #1:

John giving Boomer an apple:

Me eating GoGurt, the best race food ever:

Brushing out the sweat during our hold time:

My friend starting the 25:
My view:

We finished!!!:

The boys grazing:


Shanster said...

GREAT pictures! I love the family picture! John is awesome to be so supportive... I know cuz I have one like that at home too! grin.

Story said...

There is that awesome cooler! Best ever.

I really like the pen you have set up for Boomer next to your trailer. I have a portable electric fence that the lady we bought our trailer from threw into the deal but I'm afraid to try it. This looks way better!

Sure looks like a ton of fun. Makes me want to try something like that someday.

Heather said...

Yes, John is awesome... I LUFFFF HEEEMMM!!!

Story... You DO have an Ayrab now :) See you on the trail!

Story said...

It's funny...every time I look at my new girl I can picture her doing something else fun! Can't wait 'til she gets home next week!

Heather said...

I am so excited for you to get your new girl home too! You guys will have a blast together! Arabs are really so versatile, your fun together is limitless! I really hope she works out well for you!

BTW- with the corrals, lots of endurance riders use the electric corrals. You need to make sure your horse respects it at home first (not sure how that process works!) but mine is collapsable and each panel slides into itself so that the whole thing is like 2x3x4' for storage! Plus, if you have a horse that won't load, you always have panels on hand to push them in! Though, we do use tent stakes to make it more secure. Each system has its good points, if your horse is trained for it, the electric corrals are nice because you can make any size/shape you need.