Thursday, August 19, 2010

Since you asked...

It has been brought to my attention (ahem, Shanster) that perhaps rather than playing mum, I should let you all in on the inner workings of my life.  I honestly can't say that I haven't had much to talk about, because I have.  But, until now, I couldn't divulge any information.  

I'll give you a hint:
There are two people in this picture.

Get it?

How about if I show you what John got for his birthday this year?
That should clear things up!

Yup!  John and I are expecting our first child!  We are so excited!  We talked (and argued) and talked (and argued) and talked about this for months before deciding that we were ready.  This has been such an exciting time and it has been so hard to not share the news!  The hardest part for me has been the extreme heat we have been having.  The only time of day that the temperature was bearable for me was in the morning and I haven't exactly been a morning person lately.  So, that is why I haven't really been doing much with the horse lately.  Now that the heat AND my nausea has lifted, my life is back to normal (well, whatever 'normal' is now)!  

As far as my horse life goes, I know many people expect me to stop riding right away.  However, after John and I talked to our midwife extensively about my goals, riding style, and experience we decided that riding was fine.  She even OK'd me to compete through the first trimester before the baby starts to show and is less protected.  After that, I am OK'd to do light pleasure riding in a safe environment- no jumping or galloping.  I plan on riding until I just can't anymore.  After I get to a point where I can't ride anymore, I am going to put Boomer in partial training through until the baby is about 2 months old and I can ride again.  I hope to have him ridden twice a week and then to possibly lunge him in side reins or long line him once a week.  I hope that this will still give me a way to be involved in horse stuff.  Part of the difficulty of deciding when to have our first child was how it would effect my horse goals.  I don't want Boomer to stagnate while he is in the prime years of his life.  I also don't want to be without a 'horse goal'.  So, I see this as a very good compromise to put him in training.  I can still be involved and he will still be improving.  

So, now you know the big news!  We are so excited to add to our family!  This is just one more huge perk to getting to stay in Lawrence!  We are so thrilled to raise a family in this community and the school districts are incredible here!  Yay!  

John has given me strict instructions that I must not do ANY pony shopping until after we own our own land.  Please don't tell him that I have dreamhorse open in another window right now... :)


Funder said...

CONGRATS! Glad you're planning on riding through the early parts at least.

Shanster said...

Oh WOW! Well I guess I was talking more mundane stuff like y'know what you had for breakfast... grin.

CONGRATS to you! You look VERY happy and you both sound like you are super excited. AWESOME!

I've never had a child but I know other horse people who rode well into their big belly stage of pregnancy so I say go for it since you are informed and talking to your Dr. :)

BIG hug to you and your sweetie.

Story said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I think it's really cool how you've managed to totally plan your horse life around the new addition, too. It sounds crazy but I think we always concluded that if children entered our life, the horses would have to go...and I was not prepared to be horseless again so I chose horses over kids. Well done for figuring out how to make both things work.

Heather said...

Thanks all!
Funder- I just started using the mounting block so that I can hopefully ride that much longer once my belly gets big!
Shanster- for breakfast I have been eating sausage wrapped in a pancake on a stick. Yeah, its just as amazing as it sounds :)
Story- that was my one contingency. Horses will always be a priority for me. I may end up shifting my focus to more pleasure or dressage riding that doesn't take up as much time as endurance, but I always want to have the horse close to my heart. Our eventual goal (3-5 year) is to own 10 acres or so and have the horse at home.