Sunday, September 4, 2011

We Need Help

Fellow readers, you may have noticed that the blog was closed for several days. I have been in a period of deep thought while trying to cope with the situation of finding Boomer a new home.

I am at a point where I am emotionally ready to rehome him. Unfortunately, the horse market is not active right now. Especially not for a horse like Boomer who has a behavior problem (ie. pulling back and chinchyness).

I need help finding him a good home. This is not about money or making a profit off of him. He just deserves a good, understanding home.

Currently, he is starting his second month of training. He has not pulled back in over 3 weeks and is riding well. He needs someone who wants to work with him regularly to hold him accountable and have high expectations for him. He needs someone who is confident and strong on the ground.

I do not have the kind of time he needs and can't justify having a horse with his needs as a mother to a young baby.

I need him to find a good home by the end of this month. We can't just keep him in training indefinitely.

In the past, Boomer was a wonderful project for me. My perspective has changed since having a baby and Boomer and I are no longer good partners. When I was working with Boomer daily and getting him regular exercise, we were a great team. Now, with only two days a week to see him and a new baby at home, I can no longer invest the time and attention that Boomer needs to thrive.

Please, if you know a person or a rescue organization who would take Boomer, contact me. He is a wonderful riding horse if you can just work through his ground manner issues.


txtrigger said...

do I remember you are somewhere in the west? My first thought is someone like Dave Rabe, who is a very good horseman. He would ride and use him, take good care of him. (if he even needed another horse at this time) Contact Karen Chaton who knows so many endurance folks and always hears those looking for a horse. She knows Dave well, and would know if he might be currently looking. But they are both near Reno, and I may have forgot where you were

Good luck. Never an easy choice..

txtrigger said...

shoot, now I see you are in KS. I guess I was a tad off. lol

Rainbow equine rescuce, Karen Everhart is good, honest, and will do right for the horse. But so many to rescue right now.

Story said...

We are pretty far from you but I do know a few people up here with some far reaching connections who also understand what it means to find a horse a good home. I will put the word out.

Nicole said...

I have no help as far as finding a home...but thought it might help to know you're not the only one.

I applaud you for being willing to put your family first. Horses are risky, but if your like me you can't seem to stop daydreaming about riding! So it's a tough balance.

I also applaud your desire to desire to find a good match for your horse. One idea would be to keep him, but offer a free lease to a 4-H person who might not have the chance to participate otherwise. That way you may still be able to ride your 2x/week, and the 4-H rider would have a project they may not have been able to do otherwise. Win win?

blessings to you as you work through this tough situation and remain faithful to both horse and family, hard as it is.

Funder said...

What a tough situation. Have you posted to Ridecamp? I saw his sale ad on the classifieds, but actually getting something on the email list might get more attention.