Monday, September 10, 2012

Building Permit

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What does it take to get a building permit?  

2 sets of architectural plans ($1500)
a site plan by a professional surveyor ($200)
Deed (cost of the land-haha!)
driveway application (cost of driveway ~$4000)
approval from the health dept ($550)
selection of master certified plumber, electrician, and mechanical (HVAC) contractors
Plus we will be paying about $1700 in fees to cover all of our inspections during the build process

The hold up for us was getting approval from the health department.  The reason we need that is for septic approval.  In order to get septic approval, your excavator has to dig test holes with the health dept there watching.  Our excavator was one of the last contracctors we selected.  So, we couldn't even start the process without chosing an excavator.  

When I met with the health dept and excavator, it was a really neat process.  Back in the 1960's, the USDA went around digging test holes and categorizing the soil.  They printed copies of the maps and handed them out.  They are no longer in print and the health dept guy told me that he has 3 unopened copies in his office that are like gold to him!  

The map showed that our lot had 3 kinds of soil.  We dug a test hole and the soil was just as expected.  We dug another test hole a little further east and it was a different type of soil.  It was great soil for the septic systems lateral field.  So, we dug a third hole just south of the second hole to make sure the soil would be consistant for the whole lateral field.  Luckily, our soil is great!  Which means that we can have a traditional system instead of an unsightly and expensive mound system.  

So, I submitted the application Monday the 27th and hope to have a permit in hand by Friday the 7th!  

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