Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here is Boomer's pedigree for those that are interested. For those who do not know how to read a pedigree, the top line is always the sire (male) and the bottom line is the dam (female). This pedigree shows five generations. A few names to note are R Classic Touch+++/, Khemosabi++++, Bey Shah+, Bay El Bay++, and *Muscat. The symbols before and after a horses name have meaning. The * means the horse was imported to the united states. has a good list of meanings for the +'s and /'s. I will reproduce it here.
+ Is Legion of Honor 75 points in any class
++ Legion of Merit 75 point with 30 point in breeding classes
++++ Legion of Master 300 points with 120 in breeding classes and 120 in performance
+++ Legion of Supreme Merit 150 points with 60 in breeding and 60 in performace
+/ Legion of Supreme Honor 150 points in any classes
+// is Legion Of Excellence 300 points or higher for purebred arabians with two national top tens or one national top ten and one regional top five

You can use this key to determine the awards given to Boomer's ancestors.

This picture is of Boomer when he was about 6 months old. He had this same "holy shit!" look on his face for the first two weeks that I had him. The upright neck carriage is also something he has never outgrown, even in the pasture at play!

This is Boomer's dam, Pegasus as a 2 year old. He has her butt,legs, and shoulder, but not her back.

This is Boomer's sire, R Classic Touch+++/. Boomer has his back and hip.
This is Khemosabi++++. I love his legs. And neck. And topline.This is Bey Shah+. He is very broad and well built.

This is Bey El Bey++. I love his muscling. His head and neck really remind me of Boomer. I love being able to see the result of careful breeding. Boomer's top line in his pedigree is a bet more selective than his bottom line, but his bottom line has equally impressive sires.

This is *Muscat, a horse I am not completely familiar with. I love his forward motion, he really drives from behind! His thick neck and broad shoulders are also really appealing to me.

Some Arab people are leaning more towards the itty bitty skinny tall and narrow horses with no visable knee joints (dainty legs), skinny necks, and tiny heads. I love the usefulness of the breed. The versatility is incredable. A lot of the Arabian community is leaning is towards really typy, dainty, refined, over excited halter horses. Unfortunatly, a lot of these horses are used for halter and then bred. They are not used to their full potential. Arabians are hearty horses who excel at distance riding and many other sports. I think the breed should be represented by more full bodied horses like *Muscat.

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Kim said...

Sabumi's pedigree is nice.

I really like:

Muscat,(I like his forward motion and flashiness too)

Bay El Bey,(I love his muscling too!)

Bey Shah, WOW! so very broad and well built! he just looks so powerful and flashy too! what a stallion! love that picture of him.

Khemosabi, This looks like an older picture of Khemosabi because of how dark he is in this picture. He got darker as he aged and I found a picture of him when he was 32, and WOW was he dark. He almost looked black. If I find the link that has the pictures of him as 3 year old and a 32 year old, I will send it to you.

Sabumi's sire and dam I am not as familiar with and have not heard of them before this post. I honestly like the sires conformation better than dams, but I don't think either picture do them justice. I really like Pegasus's head, neck and shoulder, and her topline is even straighter than Khemosabi's!

I wonder how Pegasus has grown and would like to see a recent picture of her.

Oh, and Sabumi is just plain cute! he looks a little nervous, but still, he's cute :)

I too think the versatility of the Arabian is amazing, and all the different types and breeds of Arabians, Crabbet, Polish, Egyptian, ect ect, I like them all! they can have different types and conformation builds, and you can still tell it's Arabian. I really like the dish face too. Here's a Egyptian stallion I really like...

I really like Kamsin.
I also like their other stallion Taymour Halim.

I also really like this Hackney stallion