Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You will have to excuse me, my face is numb

Today was not my day. I have been having an upset stomach for a few days and i felt, well, I felt bad. I will spare you, gentle reader, the details. I also had to go to the dentist this morning. I had my teeth floated... wait... kidding! I had the first part of a crown done, ie. they filed me down to a nub and put on a fakie. Grand fun. So, my face hurts and is numbish. The fakie feels like, well... not a real tooth. Then I had to go to a second interview at the library which went well and I got the job, but it will seriously minimize my time with John. Bummer.

On to the good part of the day... Boomer was great again! It is really drying up out there so I worked him in the round pen and we worked at the canter using the ask, tell, demand cue system. He really likes that. It gives him a chance to do the right thing before being pushed. For the most part going to the right I had to demand the canter ("canter", kiss, pop whip) but to the left I would generally only have to tell ("canter" and kiss). Once he did it when I asked ("canter"). After working on the canter we worked on trot, walk, and halt commands. I would ask for the trot, he would respond, I would ask for the walk after a few steps and so on. I had him changing paces about 2-3 times per lap of the circle. It was hard work but he stayed very interested and did very well. After that I led him to the faucet while carrying the longe whip and he was great! I also fed him and held him with the halter on until he put his head down. I think this will be a better way to get him to respect my space when I feed him.

I'm going to go cook dinner- soft food, of course- and call John, who I miss dearly!

*sorry for the lack of pictures, my computer goes through phases where it doesn't want to 'talk' to the printer or camera... I'm waiting it out...*

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