Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, a few weeks ago John and I went to the US National Arabian Horse Show in Tulsa. We had a blast watching all of the trainers working their awesome horses. I knew I would have a few friends at the show, but didn't really expect to see them, especially since there were over 3,000 people in the arena on the final night! Well, what do you know but the seats John picked were RIGHT BEHIND the two people I wanted to see most! Kathy and Kecia are part of the family who got me into riding in the first place. Kecia has a younger sister who is my age, Kim, who I knew from church. I first went out to ride their horse Windy and then I started taking lessons. Eventually after I learned about riding and showed in a few fun shows, I began to lease their mare Amber Wind (Windy). I leased her for a few years and absolutely loved this mare. She was about 14.2 hands and chestnut with a star and the most beautiful mane I had ever seen! She is still alive at 32 and living in Guthrie with a friend of Kathy who has a daughter that is the same age as Kim and I. I showed Windy to great success as a kid and Kathy had been there before with her daughters and was always there to braid my hair or give words of encouragement! I idolized Kecia when I was a kid. She was the best rider ever as far as I was concerned! She was obsessed with horses and had pictures and ribbons all over her room. She left for college and I was devestated. She went to William Woods which is an equestrian college. She would come home on breaks and always had videos of her jumping or riding. She lives in Arizona now and is a DO. She has three great horses which she keeps at her home. It was a joy to get to see them both again and I can't believe we sat right behind them!

The week after Nationals John was out of town, so not much happened. But that Friday we went out and I rode and it was great! We did a TON of trotting and worked on turns and straight lines. He has a tendency to drift to the right side, so I had to really keep a strong right leg on him. He was very responsive and I was so proud of him! I really think the bit I am using is helping! HIs turns were very good and his halts and transitions are great. I really believe that the strong foundation of longe work is what has helped most in the smooth transitions. He responds without hesitation for the walk and trot on the longe and his canter is getting better everyday. This good habit of instant response to voice command has translated very well to riding. I have been working him every other day because I think he was showing signs of souring. So, I have been turning him out to the big acre area while I muck out his paddock and then grooming and feeding him. On other days I longe him and then turn him out while I muck out his paddock. I think the freedom and chance to graze on better grass has helped his attitude. I am on my way out to work him now as it is supposed to rain :( today. I have a paper due on Saturday that I am doing a very good job of procrastinating on. Surprisingly, my procrastination never involves cleaning. I would feel more productive if that was the case, but this isn't about being productive now is it?

Oh, and GObama!!!

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