Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We have been keeping up with the platform. He walks over it going both directions with me on either side. He will stop, back, up, and come back over it with no trouble. John had the idea of putting more posts under it to raise it another 4" to be closer to the height he will have to step to get into a trailer. Right now it is about 5" high. We haven't worked with the tent again yet, that seems to be a weekend project with the sun setting so early. I have been leading him from the off-side more frequently. We have also been working on trotting in hand. He doesn't get it yet. I start him off by having him trot around me on the end of the lead rope for about a half lap and then I start jogging next to him in a straight line for about 15-20 feet. He mostly looks at me a little confused. He hasn't gotten it yet, but he also hasn't gotten frustrated, which means we are pretty close!
I am really getting excited with the thought that this could be my first ride year for endurance! First things first, we still need a trailer and I need to work on making sure I am confident in my control at the canter. Outside of that though, I am SO READY to haul out to local lakes for fun practice rides as well as competitive events! The first event within a reasonable distance this year in in the beginning of April in Collins, Missouri. Other than that, the only other rides this year which are not in Texas are in September in Oklahoma and in October in Missouri again. There are many rides throughout the season in Texas but they are all a minimum of a 7 hour drive. Last years results show that there were many more rides in Oklahoma, maybe they just haven't been listed online yet?
Either way, it will be a really great learning experience to trailer the horse around the state for training 'runs'. That is so totally my idea of a fun weekend!

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