Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New house!!!

I have been so busy for the last week that I haven't gotten around to posting on our new house! We moved in on Monday the 27th and the movers came the 28th. We have gotten most things unpacked, but we still have a ton of stuff just stacked in corners waiting to be put away. The downstairs has the Kitchen, living room, dining area, and half bath. The upstairs has a master bed, bath, and closet, a guest room, guest bath, laundry, and study.

Here is the front entryway:

Charley loves running up and down the stairs:

The living room has a gas fireplace and lots of windows:

The dining area is small and cozy (and very cluttered):

The kitchen is very open and has more cabinet space than I expected:

The guest bedroom is all put together and we are also keeping pictures in there until we figure out where to hang everything:

Guest bath:

My office is a good example of what still needs to be done:

Laundry room is upstairs, which is awesome:

Master bedroom:

Master Bath:

Master closet:

Charley doing what Charley does in his new back yard:


Shanster said...

OK Charley is ADORABLE! Great new digs!! So much space...

Heather said...

He is very Zen when he wakes up and likes to spend time looking around every morning. It is really very cute!

Sally said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on your new house!