Thursday, August 27, 2009

One week down...

Well, I have survived one week of school and one week of John being out of town. Not sure which was harder at this point! Actually, I have been reading before classes and working the example problems and the lectures are a review of my previous nights work. That is an awesome feeling to understand your physics or chem professor. I felt like a star today in chem, I knew all of the lecture material and I helped all of my neighbors on the 5 question quiz. One of the people near me asked me if I could help them study. I laughed on the inside a little because it was one of those dudes who is practically drooling during the lecture, peeking over my shoulders for answers, etc. Those types annoy me, but as John noted they always get theirs when it comes test time. As of this evening, I read about Vectors for physics and understood the examples, but the theory was a little off. They kept saying to use the sum of the vectors, but they were doing something more like (sqrt of a^2+b^2), which is not finding the sum... however, you can also use the Pythagorean theorem using sin,cos,tan to find the length of the side of a triangle if the two vectors are perpendicular. Downside to that method is that I don't know how to use my calculator. sin=o/h, cos= a/h, tan= o/a, I think. So hopefully I will figure out my calculator before this weekend so I can spend some time working practice problems and finishing my homework, which is due online on monday night. I haven't heard from my chem tutor yet, so I am just going to try working through some chem problems on my own.
John comes back a week from Sunday and it isn't soon enough! I have resorted to letting Charley sleep in the bed! It is really rough not having your best friend around in a stressful time like this! It will also be nice to have him back to show me how to use the calculator and do physics! Though, to be honest, he is a freaking genius. I called him the other night all upset over gravity and acceleration and he could explain stuff over the phone without seeing the book or problems! I just gave him the formulas and read the problem and he could walk me right through it! I have a tendency to cry when I'm doing algebra, so I was especially proud of him for not getting frustrated with me! It really is cool though, I feel like I am experiencing something holy. Science teaches me something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. I feel smarter every day. I have never felt that before. This isn't memorization or synthesis of material. It is actual real learning how the world works, mathematically and scientifically. So even though it makes me cry and takes up all of my free time, I am loving every second of it!

I went to see Boomer today and he was looking so good. When I haven't seen him in a while I am always struck by how good looking he is. I took him to the barn and groomed him and he is already starting to shed out his summer coat. It has been getting down to the 50's at night so I think he is about to start morphing into a yak. I am resisting the urge to body clip him. There is no reason to except that I hate the spring shed. He loved the full grooming session. He loves to be curried and today his favorite spot was the right side of his neck. He kept taking little baby steps forward into the scratching. It was very cute. His cracked heel is the same. It has been raining here for almost a week and he just cant seen to get over the scratches or thrush. He is sensitive to both when it rains a lot. My old arab, Fire, was also. I spent a little over an hour grooming him and mucking his paddock and it was almost enough time to relax me. I want to go out to ride him tomorrow. It is easy to overlook going out there when I am so busy and he is being well cared for, however I really do need the therapy of smelling horse.

I will leave you with some pictures from our friend's wedding last weekend:


Shanster said...

You are both friggin' brainiacs!! I'm feelin' very cro-magnon over here with my sloped brow and limited concept of simple math.... heh.

Glad you got some good Boomer time! GREAT pix - such a gorgeous couple o' people with a very handsome pup!

Heather said...

The answer to my math problem came to me in a dream last night. I suddenly recalled that a^2+b^2=c^2... hence the square root. However, that only works with right angles. So, I was all fine and dandy in class until we started working on triangles that weren't right, and then class ended, and he stopped working the example problem and said "well, you all can figure this out"... So, the test on wednesday should be a blast :)