Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Physics and Cozy Caves!

I have been having a bit of a rough time of it lately. I just have a ton going on with school, tutoring, shadowing the vets, and riding the horse. My classes are going surprisingly well. I refuse to let myself get behind and I seem to be doing well so far. However, there is a test tomorrow in Physics. I have been told that this professor (the department head) likes to have a test early in the semester (2nd week of class) to weed out the students who aren't going to cut the snuff. I think I will do OK on it. I can do the basic algebra and I know the formulas, it is just a matter of slowing down and reading the problems at least twice so that I can know what is being asked and know what formulas to use. Chemistry is also going well. I met with my tutor today and I don't think this will be as difficult as the summer course just because of the time spent on each subject and the fact that I have so many opportunities to learn and study before the tests. The first test there is 9/21.

I am somewhat hesitant to write about this, but I have decided to find another vet clinic to shadow at. In short, I do not feel that the animals are respected or treated in a way that minimizes pain and fear. I have slowly figured out that the reason I am not acclimating to the things around me is not a 'me' problem. I am not being too sensitive. If being cold, clinical, and sterile is what I must become to be a vet- I can't do it.

I have been trying to work with Boomer lately but just don't have much time. I rode him with a friend on Friday and he was good until we got out towards the road and then he started throwing a fit. Of course, not wanting to let him win and go back to the barn on the trails, I had to fight him until we got on the road and then ride around the highway to the front of the barn. He was fine until we got to the barn and then he started balking and being spooky/silly on the way TO the barn. Sometimes I just don't know what gets him. Needless to say, he got lunged hard afterwards. I worked him in the round pen Monday, thinking that I would ride Wednesday but now the weather forecast says rain tomorrow and thursday. So, I might just end up riding in the indoor which is super dusty.

I got some Cool Calories 100 for Boomer to try and put some weight on him without upping his grain. I am going to put that and his hoof supplement in little baggies so that I know he is getting his supplements every day in the right amounts. I also got Charley a new dog bed which he hasn't quite figured out yet. It is a Cozy Cave from SmartPak. He loves beds that are small and he loves to snuggle, he just hasn't figured out how to burrow in yet. I know it must be comfortable because he always looks guilty when I catch him on it! Very cute! I have been baiting it with treats to try to get him to climb in!

John is still out of town and I miss him terribly!


Sally said...

I absolutely love smartpak! All my orders are complete and on time every time. About the vet-I'm glad you're following your gut. Sometimes the right way isn't the easy way.

Shanster said...

Awww - Charlie is so adorable...

You will show 'em you can hang with the big dogs with your test 2 weeks in...

The way it works in one place doesn't make it right for you... lots of different work environments out there, you find one that you can thrive and grow in. It's all good.

What gets into Boomer? He's a 6 yr old! :) I'm getting a lesson on Rosso this weekend - gulp. I've got a major brain bug 'bout him right now. sigh. The only way out is through!

Heather said...

Sally- It really had me freaked out, thinking it was a me thing, but I just started to realize that I have different ideas of what is right. I value the comfort and mental well being more than I value money. I'm glad to have support on the issue though, it has been a tough decision!

The only way out is through... Thats a real nugget for thought! Sometimes when I just want a nice ride without a fight I just stick to the arena. Eventually I will get him over this barn sour thing, but it is just taking so much time, which is not a commodity I have much of right now!

Can't wait to hear about the Rosso lesson!