Friday, September 11, 2009

Better or worse?

Boomer seems better, I feel worse...

He is breathing normally, his temp is down to 102. However, now his front right fetlock is swollen. I think he was bit by something and was having an allergic reaction.

On to the bad news, I am in the process of discussing my bill with the clinic because they charged me an after hours emergency fee of $70. I called them at 3pm. The vet didn't show up until 5pm. Does that make it an after hours emergency? Should I have to pay an extra $70 because I had to wait for 2 hours before a vet came out? Is their scheduling my problem? Should they have warned me beforehand that he would be getting out two hours after I called and that it would be an after hours visit?

I really believe that when you are making the right decisions in life, things go smoothly. When life is rough, perhaps it is because of the decisions you are making or the direction you are trying to lead your life. Just something to think about.


Sally said...

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade. If it deals you tomatoes, make bloody mary's.
Difficult times and decisions only build character and make a better person emerge in the long run.

Shanster said...

K - I'm reading onward. I hope Booker is o.k.... sucks 'bout the vet bill!