Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something had to give

I am feeling much better about life right now. I dropped my Chem 2 class. I just couldn't handle driving 1.5 hours one way, twice a week. That is almost $400 a month in gas money. My gas would have been as much as the tuition for the semester. Plus, it was just mentally and physically draining. I just couldn't get used to the workload/schedule. If I had continued taking Chem at KSU, (KU offers the courses on a rotational basis) I would have been commuting every semester until I started vet school. I just couldn't do that. So, since my whole vet school application deadline is self imposed anyway, I have decided to sit one out. So, now I am just taking Physics and Genetics this semester. I feel much better about it.

My wonderful husband found a used rim for $125 at a salvage yard and tires are going to run about $700 for 4. We decided to replace all four because my current tires (after market, but before I bought it) are only 4 ply which means they are only rated to tow about 4000 pounds. Not really what I need. So we are looking at 6 and 8 ply tires. The current tires John knew were lower quality, but didn't realize that they were unable to tow what we needed. That also explains why they always look low and leave tracks in our driveway. So, they needed to be replaced anyhow. That doesn't make either of us any happier to be spending the $$$.

It has been raining all day so I went out to visit Boomer and drop off his grain. I am switching from Omolene 500 to 200 just because he isn't getting ridden like he is used to. The feed store guy said it is worth trying the 200, but that he hasn't head of much difference from the people who have switched from 200 to 500. So, I'll give it a few months and see. Boomer can be pretty sensitive to his feeds, so I'm hopeful it will have some what of an effect on his energy when I can't exercise him every day. The rain had slowed by the time I had put his grain away so I walked up to see Boomer. He had a little hay left so I took it up to his shed and let him eat out of the rain. I started scratching under his neck and he stretched up tall and reached his head straight in the air! He must have really liked that! As I started to leave, he poked his head out the door and watched me walk away. When I was halfway down the paddock he ran past me and started trotting around the bottom of the paddock, prancing and snorting! It was really cute! I said bye to him and left. Once I was a paddock away I looked back to see if he was still trotting around and he was gone! He must have high tailed it back to his shed to get out of the rain!

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Sally said...

Ease up on yourself! If the class is gettin you down, then yes by all means drop it..you can always take it later. Oh, and there is NO such thing as a "dumb wife thing."