Monday, September 7, 2009

When time is moving so fast...

Sometimes I just don't know if I should tell stories in the order that they happened, or by what is freshest in my mind! I'll go with chronological order here...

Saturday was awesome. I think I already posted about that. I rode with a friend and Boomer was very good. Well, after picking John up yesterday afternoon, we hauled three horses in our trailer and one in another trailer to Kill Creek Park and rode for a little over 2 hours. Everyone was awesome and John got to ride Taz again! We all had a blast and I was very proud of Boomer. He got in the trailer both times with only a little encouragement (ie. clucking) even though it was a new situation. We left the center gate open and hauled three tied up like in a slant. We put Boomer in the middle and he was great! The ride was awesome too. We had a big creek crossing, which Boomer was hesitant about until he followed the other horses through. His only real problem out on the trail it that he just wants to duck his head down and barrel down hill. Not safe, especially when heading towards water or going down rocks. So, we worked on that some. I tried setting him up and rocking him back on his hind end and keeping his head up. Now I know what to work on at least!!!

Fast forward to last night, at the grocery store John asked me "what happened to your tire"? I hadn't a clue. Then I saw the rim all dinged up and the tire had a chunk out of it and I remembered a few weeks ago hitting a curb hard and thinking to myself "I should look at that when I get home". Did I? No.

Well, today John looked closer at it and realized that the rim is all jagged and I am DAMN lucky that I didn't have a blowout what with driving 1.5 hours one way to Manhattan twice a week. PLUS, I hauled THREE horses on the highway with a FRIGGIN shredded tire. I could have done some serious damage. Luckily, we do have a gooseneck, so a blowout is less likely to turn into a jack-knife or a roll. However, I was thisclose to being responsible for a situation I would have had to live with the rest of my life. If I had injured or killed three horses, two of whom were not even my own. I would probably never look at another horse again.

So, on top of a 5.5 hour study session with a classmate today, I found out that I probably need a new rim and all new tires. Can we say "goodbye $1000". I feel so terrible. Poor John has to deal with this even though it isn't his problem. I did a 'dumb wife thing' and now that we are married, John has to suffer the consequences too. I just feel awful all around.

I had wanted to go to the endurance ride in OK on the 19th, and I had just found out that there is a CTR on the 13th a few miles from here. That would have been a perfect warm up! However, I need to get new tires and a new rim. Once again, life has cropped up. So, maybe the 2010 endurance season is the one for us.

Speaking of life, is this it? Does it ever slow down? Or do you just ping pong back and forth from one thing to the next?

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Shanster said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your rim! Thank goodness nothing happened to it... we all have mistakes... I've had DOOZIES!

Yeah - life just keeps on a'comin atcha. You get 3 steps ahead and something happens where you take 2 steps and sometimes 5 steps back! Just gots to remember to enjoy the good times when they are here! :)