Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glad thats over!

I managed to snap out of my funk today and man, am I glad that is over!!! John and I started the day with breakfast at Wheatfield's, our favorite bakery. Then we went window shopping only to find the furniture store we were headed to had actually closed. We just assumed their "going out of business sale" was a sham as it had been going on for 2 months. We then came home and talked seriously about what kind of couches we want. We went out to the barn, hosed Boomer's leg (which is looking much better), grabbed the trailer, headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City and came home with a sofa and a kitchen table!!!

(No, it isn't two tone. The picture doesn't show the color well)
We got a corner sectional that seems to fit perfectly in our living room! It is a large space, but is a multi purpose space, making large furniture difficult. We really love the couch and we got microfiber fabric because we knew that Charley wouldn't be able to stay off of it.
See, he leaves evidence:

The table is great because it is taller, but isn't a huge table. It is perfect in the window nook because we still need to be able to open and close the back door. I really like the stools!

Funny story about Charley. When we lived in the Bartlesville house the living room was in the back of the house beyond the kitchen and living room. Every single morning, when John's alarm would go off and he would head to the shower at the same time we would hear a 'click click click' across the tile. Charley would either lay down outside of the bathroom door or slink into our bedroom and quietly get into his crate. We know he was on the couch because we would catch him on it if we got up in the middle of the night for a drink. We never caught him on the couch in the mornings and he always made it back to where he was supposed to be before John was out of the shower! Charley thought he was getting away with that one and I guess he was!

After the furniture shopping, we washed out the trailer and then took it to the barn where John installed the brackets for my portable corral! I am very excited about that! He did a great job and it will add 15' to the diameter of the corral!

Boomer's leg is looking much better this evening. We are having a hard time getting him to want his antibiotics though. He has been sifting though his grain lately, so I didn't want to feed it with meals. I tried mixing it with beet pulp yesterday and ended up adding a handful of grain before he would eat it. Today I bought some carrot baby food and topped the beet pulp with that. He raised his head and tried to avoid even smelling it. So, I mixed in another handful of grain. Tomorrow I am just going to syringe the baby food. I have heard that banana is a good flavor for horses. I will try a few flavors and see how that goes. Any other suggestions are appreciated. He already gets one scoop of hoof supplement and two scoops of fat supplement, so I don't think adding more powder to his grain is the answer.


Shanster said...

I'm glad Boomer is better - we've had good luck with applesauce to mask antibiotics in the grain - you can get big ol' family size jars for pretty cheap.

Love the new furniture - oh, that Charlie is wicked smaht isn't he? :) Loved the pix of "evidence"!

Heather said...

He is such a bad dog! Sometimes the 'evidence' is more like a drool mark (aka- snail trail). Gross. Luckily the new couch is super easy to clean! Microfiber fabric was the number one priority in couch shopping. Not that our lives revolve around the dog... :)

Shanster said...

Of course not! snicker....

Lucky dog!