Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tough decisions.

This post is really difficult for me to write. I am considering selling Boomer. I love him very much and we have come so far together, but I am not sure he is the horse for me. He is a great arena horse, and he could be a great trail horse with a lot of work and a more confident rider. I just don't enjoy riding him anymore. I know it will always be a fight unless we stay in the arena. I like riding in the arena, but that isn't why I bought him. I like working through tough spots with him and training him, but I just don't want to fix this. Whatever 'this' is. Be it barn sour, or just too excitable on the trail, I just am not the person to fix it. I want something reliable on the trail. I envy my friends who don't hesitate to drop the reins to fix their ponytail as we walk along the trail.

I am hesitant to give up on him, because I know he is unique and he needs someone who understands him. I don't want to sell him in to an abusive home or a home where he is not appreciated.

I am also hesitant because I know he can be great some day and I would love to be his proud owner when he is 10 years old and a shining star. However, he needs someone who can lead the way for him and I don't think I am that person.

Right now, I just want a horse I can hop on and go for a ride with my friends without cutting their ride short or limiting the areas we can ride. I want a horse I can trust. I want a horse who goes where I point them.

I posted an ad on craigslist to just see if there was a market for a horse like Boomer in this area. I am also going to post on and I am pretty sure this is the right next step. Though, I would also be very happy leasing him out to the right person. Or, if there is no interest, I guess we will just keep on working.

Here is his craigslist ad:

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Shanster said...

oh - I'm sorry to hear this and at the same time, I absolutely and completely understand it. I have spot on thoughts about Rosso...

Just getting his teeth done yesterday - putting him in any new situation I can feel myself tense up and I'm afraid of what will happen. I have to really work to breathe deeply and take the "whatever happens, happens" attitude and I'm not even on him!

All you can do is the best you can with what life hands you. Things work out somehow for the best - I truly believe that. Whether you end up keeping him and being proud of him when he's 10 or finding a good home.

I don't think either is "wrong".

Hang in there - you are a good owner and a lot braver than I am for consistantly taking him out on trails even thru his young horse crap...