Friday, October 9, 2009

Going to Juvie

John and I have talked a lot about what to do with Boomer. He thinks I will regret it if I sell him. He may be right. I think that Boomer could be a great horse in the future. I'm just not the person to get him there right now. So, we decided that I need a little break from the guy and he still needs to be worked. So, he is getting sent to a trainer for 30-60 days (weather depending). The trainer's barn is on the edge of a state park and that is where he will be ridden, every day, over many obstacles. She knows his past, my past, how far he has come, and what I want from him. I think it is a good match.
I am confident this is the right decision for now. I feel good about putting every last effort in to him that we have. Over the dead of winter, I will probably only ride him a few times a week in the indoor and when spring comes and the trails open up, we will see how he does. We have already discussed that he will get more training in the spring at one of two places if he has not improved significantly.

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Shanster said...

I'm glad to hear this - and you know what else is nice? The break!! When Rosso was with Anthony, it was nice just knowing he was in good hands and being worked and I didn't have to fret and obsess about him...

What a good husband you have! :)