Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First training update

I sent an email to the trainer today asking how Boomer was settling and how she was doing with him and all of the rain. She wrote back that she has ridden him twice with plans for another ride this afternoon. She said that he has been getting used to being in the barn as she feeds him and saddles him up in there. Her comments on his first two rides sound just like him:
"First ride he was pretty spooky and flighty but then lined out and seemed to enjoy himself. Took the lead and had a nice walk going down the trail. We stayed on the outskirts to stay out of the mud.
Second ride took him through the mud and we pretty much hopped back and forth across the trail until he got tired and started to walk through it."

So far, I think this sounds about how I expected him to react. I am happy that he is riding the same for her as he does for me. I really hope that she can figure him out and work him into being a great trail horse. I am also 100% willing to leave him for an extra month if 30 days doesn't really feel like enough to her. I am also willing to send him back in the spring for another 30-60 days. I think in the long run it will be totally worth the time and money. I think that training is the best option for him at this point. I am really happy with the situation and can't wait to see the progress in 30 days. We might go out to see him in another week or so, and then I will be able to ride him after 30 days and evaluate if I think he needs more time.
John's dad (used to own horses) recently gave me some good words. He advised to just be patient with Boomer, he can only go as far as his comfort level allows. This is so very true. I am hoping that this training session will allow him to extend his comfort level as well as learn how to deal in situations that make him uncomfortable.


Sally said...

Oh good. I'm glad this is working for Boomer! Training updates are great, keep 'em coming.

Shanster said...

Everything sounds really good! Yay!