Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Arabian Nationals!!!!

I didn't get any pictures or video this year, my camera battery charger recently went missing.

I did have an awesome time though!!! I drove down to Tulsa on Monday afternoon and stayed with John's sister. This morning we went to the show and I had an absolute blast showing my niece, Kameron, all of the horses. She is just barely 2 years old and was thrilled to be seeing and petting the horses! She is going to be a horse for halloween this year. I think I have successfully planted the 'horse bug' in little Kami! My mother-in-law also came along and she was amazed by the elaborate stall displays. We drove separately and they all went home after an hour or so for nap time and I stuck around for a few more hours for horsing and shopping.

My favorite part about nationals is always the warm up rings. I really love watching all of the horses being lunged and ridden by their trainers. I think that you generally see better rides in the warm up ring than the show ring, especially when it comes to amateur classes. I only watched two classes while I was there, I saw both sections of a WP class and both sections of a Show Hack class. The WP class was one that another Arabian blogger was riding in. Unfortunately, she did not make the cut for the F/SF round.

I really enjoyed Nationals this year, but it was somewhat bittersweet for me. It was a hard transition to leave the Youth division and not continue showing. Watching from the sidelines and not having a 'barn' to associate with is a strange feeling. It isn't so much the competing that I miss, it is the people. One of the best things about showing is the community. Each barn is like a family. The stall area is a 'home base' for the duration of the show and there is no feeling like cheering as a group for a fellow rider. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be grooming and cheering for my little niece!

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Shanster said...

I used to work at the Half Arab horse registry... we'd go to the big shows to work the show office. They ARE amazing! The money, the horses, the decorations, the finals nights... really fun.

Patrick Swayze was showing at one of the shows I went to - I wanted to see him but missed his class!