Thursday, November 12, 2009

More pictures!

Boomer is still improving! I went out to ride him again today and I started the ride on him and Kelly rode a 3 year old. Boomer was great, we went up and down hills, lots of rocks and mud. He was great. He picked his way downhill carefully and was quick to respond if I told him 'easy'. He went through water like it was nothing. We jumped a few logs, which was a blast. He tried to refuse a big one, but about sat his butt down in the dirt before he would pass it. He practically backed himself up to try again. He didn't try to get away with anything. We did more loping, which I have been nervous about. I just wanted to know that I was still in control and that he still listened. He was fine. He doesn't really have a slow canter. It is pretty ground covering and he turns really fast, but he was totally under control. Kelly thinks he would be a fun playday horse. I would love to do that with him!

He was looking around much less today and really didn't seem phased by anything. He seems to have really matured. He is still a fruit-loop at the barn and did try to pull back once after I unsaddled him, it wasn't bad though. He didn't lay down flop on the ground like a fish. Baby steps. He doesn't like the hitching post by the barn (the others that are further from the barn and allow him to look around more, he is fine with and doesn't pull back at) and resists walking up to it so I got to have Kelly on the ground talking me though how to push him right up to it. He was much more responsive than he used to be and he did get up to it and stand still for me to dismount.

Out on the trail, he was awesome. I couldn't ask for more. At the barn, he is still working things out. We talked about that some and Kelly really thinks he will be a different horse in a year or two when he finishes maturing.

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Shanster said...

Hooray - you look so HAPPY! Way to go!