Monday, November 30, 2009

Season Finale Pictures

In my coveralls and coat. It was pretty cold the first day. John said I looked like a little garbage man ready for the first day of work.

Boomer was following John around while he was setting the stakes for the pen and kept nuzzling up to him. He only stopped once John gave him a good scratch. It was really cute. I think that was the first time Boomer has sought out attention from John. He really is different horse lately. Six months ago, none of this would have been possible.

John went for a run and Charley took his chair!

When the 50 milers started to return on the first day Boomer got a little excited and got put on the lunge line for 15 minutes. Being able to compare his fitness to the other 'real' endurance horses around us was cool. I think he is looking good!
No, I'm not nervous at all. Why would you ask?

I'm Ready!

Lets go!

We got to see the sunrise and sunset together!

Coming back from the first loop behind the junior/Boomer sponsor!

Going over with my Vet card at our first hold with my dad who came to visit for a few hours! Yay dad!
Boomer was munching hay.

Dad feeding Charley my leftover tuna from lunch. I tried to eat on the ride, but it was hard.

We did it!!!
Boomer taking a well deserved nap!
Someone got bored on the ride home :)
Sweet mohawk, huh?
Oh, you thought the picture before this one was cool didn't you? Well I hope you learned your lesson. My husband gets cooler and cooler. We may never know how cool he can really get, but this is pretty close.

I want to thank everyone who made this possible for us. Mostly, I owe this to John who has supported me wholly in this process. For the last 16 months, this has been my goal- to complete a 50 mile endurance ride. The realization of this goal has made me so proud. John has supported my goal as if it were his own. I also owe a huge thanks to my dad who has supported my horse habit for the last 17 years. Somehow, I am lucky enough to have people in my life who understand how important horses are to me. Another huge thanks goes out to Kelly Lance, my horse trainer. She helped get Boomer to where he is today. Without her, I would lack the confidence I needed to complete a ride like this. She also had a huge part in getting Boomer fit for a ride like this.

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jennybean79 said...

That's awesome! Congrats on your goal being met and feeling confident in your horse :)