Sunday, January 3, 2010


My dad came to visit this weekend and got to see Boomer at his new barn! He has only seen me riding Boomer a few times so I was very excited to show him how much we have progressed! It was really cold and never got out of the single digits the whole time my dad was here (and won't for the next week... the low on this upcoming Friday is going to be -11). So I kept the ride short and had the heaters on the whole time. I actaully wasn't cold at all. I lunged Boomer while I was warming his bit in my armpit and he did really well considering the little punky appy who was bucking around a lunge line on the other end of the arena. After the appy left, I got on and rode for about 30 minutes. I got some really great leg yields in both directions. Boomer is learning to carry himself straighter and is gaining strength a little at a time. He was a little more forward and energetic than usual, which was great but it made his canter a little...strong. He had great departs all within 2-3 strides or less of the cue. After about a 30 minute ride we stopped in the middle and I backed him, side passed in both directions to show off a little, and then let him stretch his neck down to the ground (which he LOVES to do at the end of the ride). After I did that, John signalled for me to side pass again so he could film it. That is what you see at the end of the clip. Poor Boomer thought he was done but he was such a trooper and gave me a pretty good side pass, especially in the second direction. I hope you enjoy this little video from Saturdays ride!

If this won't play try this link:

Or search for my channel under the name BooksAreNerdy and you can see all of my videos, including this one titled "Riding Jan2, 2010".


Shanster said...

The video didn't come thru for me - but it sounds like you had a blast! Did your Dad enjoy watching you and Boomer?

Heather said...

Bummer... Here is the actual link to the youtube page :

My dad did seem to enjoy himself! He said it reminded him of when I was younger and would ride my old horse Fire. He was telling all kinds of fun horse stories from when I was kid this weekend. Interesting to hear about the horses in my life from his perspective!

Funder said...

You two look lovely together!

jennybean79 said...

I just watched your video, and Boomer looks fantastic. I bet you're so proud of him - it seems like he's come so far! I think he's going to make such a wonderful horse for you - I can't wait to read about your adventures this summer on the trails *or at shows* ;).

Heather said...

Thanks for all of the support! We have been having a lot fo fun together lately and I am super excited to see how far we can go with a few lessons! A schooling show in the spring/summer isn't out of the question!