Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goals for 2010

I hadn't done any sort of 'goal' post yet, but Karen inspired me with her late post!

For 2010:
Use dressage to improve my horse and my riding
Ride on the trails near the barn as often as they are open, aim for once a week
Take one working cow lesson over the summer with resident trainer, Bill
Finish two 50 mile rides- State Fair Express 4/24 & Indian Territory 10/2

I think these are all attainable goals.

I think that we will start seeing improvement with our riding within a few weeks from my lessons with Karin.

As for the trails, the Johnson County parks and rec service is notorious for closing trails to horses at the first sign of rain or mud.  So, I will really just have to play it by ear and ride there when I can.  If you are curious, looking at the map I linked, Painted M Ranch is at the bottom right corner on the NE corner of the Homestead Ln and 127th intersection.  I can ride along a gravel road for .75 miles to the entrance at the south end of the trail.  I think the whole trail is supposed to be 5-8 miles, but I'm not sure how that is measured and it isn't marked on the trail.

The barn has 5 baby longhorns that they use for working in training and lessons.  The ranch manager and trainer, Bill, is really awesome and I would like to take a cow lesson to do something new.

The rides I linked to are just options.  They are both pretty close but there are a number of other rides nearby this season, so I can take my pick if those two don't work out!


Shanster said...

Hooray! You'll meet your goals and then some, I'm sure of it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your goals all sound attainable. Hope you have fun along the way.

p.s. i hadn't realized you had a post titled Thoughts before I put mine up sorry about that. Two great minds with a single 'thought' I guess.

Heather said...

Thanks guys! I think that it is important to set goals that you know are within reach. Its much more fun to check something ona list than to rewrite it again for the next year!

GHM- it must be a thoughtful time for both of us!

joshu said...