Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family visits

John and I have had a lot of fun family visits this summer!  We love having guests at our house and showing them the lovely town of Lawrence!  

My mom has been up to visit a few times and we make an amazing strawberry-rhubarb pie with rhubarb fresh picked the day before in Minnesota.  

While she was here we had a huge flash flood and our yard looked like this for an hour:

We have a creek just behind our fence and the water in our yard was running rapidly.  At the highest, I think it was up about 12-14 inches!

Mom also came out to the barn to visit and got to see Boomer!

We have also had John's sister's family up to visit for John's Birthday.  We had a blast with his sister, her husband and their two kids!  We adore our niece and nephew and had so much fun with them!  Kami is almost 3 and Xander is almost 1.  They came out to the barn to see the horses because Kami LOVES horses.  I had nothing to do with that, I swear.  It surely wasn't the pony rides and horse books.  Or subtle hints about horses being the best animals ever.  I asked Kami what she knew about horses and she said "Horses are gentle".  I almost fell over dead.  That girl is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  

We are so lucky to have such great family!  

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Shanster said...

OMG that pie looks amazing. drool, slobber, drool.

Look how adorable she is with Boomer!