Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since the ride...

I gave Boomer a full 10 days off since the HTH ride was so hard.  Our first ride back was OK, but Boomer was really spooky and not being himself.  After a little thought I realized that he had been off his calming supplement for almost 2 weeks since I hadn't been out riding him!  I had suspected that the SmartB1 was working, but now I know for sure!  It was just one of those days where he was looking sideways at anything and everything and our hoof prints around the ring weren't exactly going in a straight line near things like piles of cones or scary doors.  

I rode him again Thursday expecting the same and was pleasantly surprised with a soft, forward horse!  Boomer was awesome today and was willing to do anything we tried!  I was thrilled with him!  He was a little 'looky' at the beginning but rode out of it quickly.  We worked on getting the trot more forward and swinging, instead of a lazy stride.  I think that endurance has really helped him find his stride as he trots out bigger for hours at a time.  His 'dressage trot' has improved and gotten a longer stride and faster tempo lately.  The canter was relaxed and trotting after the canter was much improved!  We worked on shoulder-in and leg yielding, both of which were very good.  It was actually the first time he really stayed straight for the leg yield and I actually felt him reaching under with the back leg.  It is hard to describe but it almost felt  like he was moving me over through my seat with his leg.  Like a rocking boat, the wave goes under you from left to right as you are moving forward.  That was super cool to feel what it felt like to do something right!  We also worked on trot-halt-trot transitions.  Those were a little hard, Boomer didn't want to stay straight, but he definitely has the power and push for it!  Halting square is something we need to work on more.  

I just had so much fun riding him today!  What a day!  

I am looking for someone who does custom leather work to make me new saddle fenders since mine ripped last weekend.  If you have any recommendations, let me know!  I need someone who can match oil and tooling.  Photo recommendations would be awesome!  Leave a message with the name and phone number!  Thanks!


Shanster said...

Great pictures and awesome ride. Nothing like those rides huh? Fabulous!

I was giving Rosso the SmartCalm Ultra and he is much more mellow... switching him to SmartCalm so there is no tryptophan that Sera could get into and get disqualified at a show.

I've wondered if I took him off if he'd be any different.

Heather said...

Aw! All our poor boys needed was their anti anxiety medicine! Can't believe it took me so long to try that! If only they would talk!