Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walkin' in the woods

I recently took Boomer and Charley for a nice walk around the property.  There are supposed to be 60 acres, but I didn't go through any gates and I felt like I was on a lot more than 60 acres.  I finally turned around when I saw a fence ahead- it had a wide gate opening, but no gate.  Not sure how far all of this goes, so I will have to ask the owners if I was trespassing!  Anyway, we ended up going around the pond, which is for sure on the property.  It has a dam around the back half and the dam is lined by trees on either side.  Very pretty!  In all, we were walking for 45 minutes!

Boomer is looking good- pasture only diet and no work has put a little weight on him!

Headed away from the barn...

Charley ahead of us on the dam

Boomer stopped midstride for a horse apple snack!  
Anyone know what these are really called?

Stopping for a bite of the good stuff on the way back to the barn

Pretty boy!

Self portrait 

Artsey shot!

Charley made it into this shot!  
Gotta love the group photo!

Cheesy!  I never could get both ears up...

A 45 minute walk calls for a drink!

Here is a video of Boomer eating the horse apples!  So cute!
I embedded it from Facebook, please let me know if it isn't working and I can use YouTube.


Funder said...

It says video unavailable :(

Those things he was eating are called osage oranges, or bois d'arc trees. They make great bows and great fenceposts, and, oddly, property lines - a lot of property deeds in the east refer to "the bois d'arc at the southwest corner of the northwest corner of..."

Yall look lovely together!

Shanster said...

onLooks like a fabulous afternoon!