Monday, December 13, 2010


We got our first snow this weekend!  I really love winter.  Coming from Oklahoma, I always assumed I hated winter.  It was just bitter cold with wind and once a year we would get a thin sheet of ice over everything for a day or two.  

Now that we are further north and have experienced a REAL winter- I love it!  It snows frequently, which makes the cold worthwhile.  Yes, it does get stupid-cold, but even watching the thermometer drop to ridiculous levels has a zany appeal!  

We got a dusting of snow on Saturday night and the lows have been single digits.  It should break above freezing on Wednesday and melt the snow.  

John, Charley, and I went out to visit Boomer on Sunday morning and went for a short walk.  The wind was blowing more than usual and it was pretty bitter- windchill down in the negative teens.  

Aw, Bummer!  I don't look pregnant when I'm all bundled up. 

One of the fun things about having a relationship with someone/starting a family is that you get to adopt each others traditions.  One of John's childhood traditions was to have a candle lit dinner on the first night of snow!  Saturday night the snow started after dinner, so we did our candlelight dinner on Sunday.  We had the fireplace going, the tree lit up, and a table full of candles!  

Isn't he adorable?


Shanster said...

I don't mind cold or snow... the wind and dark can get to me tho'.

Fabulous tradition!

I think you are BOTH adorable... does the bambino generate a lot of heat? I heard they do! She's helping to keep you warm!

Heather said...

OMG- I have been running pretty hot lately! I now officially keep our house at 66 day and night. I'm lucky that John goes along with it!

The early sunset of winter does get to me too. I don't have it too bad though, its John I feel bad for- even if he gets home early, he barely has time to get out for a run before its pitch black out!