Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Packing on the pounds

Apparently, I'm not the only one with an expanding waistline around here! 

Boomer's blanket just isn't fitting quite like it used to.  He no longer fits into his 70" (haha) and his 72" is pretty snug.  The belly straps are getting dangerously close to being fully extended.

Can't change his diet much since he is out 24/7 with free choice hay and pasture.  

Exercise is the name of the game.  Boomer hasn't been really worked in 3-4 months.  I have hopped on and walked a few times here and there, but nothing strenuous.  

I am going to aim for lunging him 2-3 times per week as long as weather allows.  We are actually having a very mild winter so far and the arena footing is nice.  

I lunged him for maybe 20 minutes today and did 10 laps of cantering in each direction.  That was definitely his limit!  He was puffing and got a little damp on the chest, but dried quickly (thankfully, since I don't have a cooler in my locker!).  I think after a few sessions I will put the surcingle back on and get him working nicely over his back again.  Hopefully this will be a weight loss program that also keeps his topline in shape for when I am ready to saddle shop in the spring!  

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Shanster said...

Maybe he's just "fluffy" with his winter coat. grin.