Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progress and details

We just got the bill for the vet visits which contained details on exactly what drugs he got.  In the IV bag he got DMSO (which I have learned converts instantly into MSM), Equioxx, and Banamine.  So, basically a huge dose of anti-inflamitories and pain reducers.  This explains why he stopped shaking and sweating right away.  The second day he got Adequan.  

He is still making steady progress.  Today he is fully weight bearing and using his leg to walk and turn in the stall.  He is still visibly lame.  There is still no heat or swelling, but he is still tender when I pinch the tendon area.  I am remaining cautiously optimistic that perhaps a torn suspensory is an 'over diagnosis'.  Another boarder at the barn is a small animal vet and she said that she would be surprised if it was a torn suspensory based on how fast he is recovering and that there has never been swelling.  Based on my reading, if it was a torn suspensory the progress he is making would seem way too fast.  However, this is also the common trap of suspensory injuries, the horse seems sound, gets put back to work, and re-injures himself way worse.  

So, I have my regular vet coming out for a second opinion and ultrasound on Tuesday.  

I'm just shocked at how fast he is improving.  Monday morning he was dead lame and in shock and Thursday afternoon he is fully weight bearing and pissed about being in a stall.  I'm not sure how to feel, but I can't help but have hope that it is something much less serious than a torn suspensory.  

I need that hope.  I know that even if it is a torn suspensory, we are just looking at time.  He probably won't be a competitive endurance horse again, but he will be ridable.  He would even make a great first lead line horse for our baby girl a few years down the road.  But, I am still hanging on to the hope that a 2nd opinion and ultrasound show that his tendons and ligaments are fine and that the problem is elsewhere- and not serious.  


Endurance Granny said...

A second opinion is a good idea if you have doubts. But don't let his feeling better take you off guard. He was given some powerful anti-inflammatory medications, and that may account for the lack of swelling. I'd want the ultrasound to be "sure." Hope you Boomer boy heals quickly. ~E.G.

Paint Girl said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you! So happy to hear that Boomer is doing better!

Shanster said...

Ultrasound will help a lot - Rosso had a suspensory injury when I first got him... took a while to rehab but he's perfectly sound and athletic now. Hang in there. Hope the 2nd opinion and ultrasound give you good answers. Keeping you in my thoughts -

Jess said...

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