Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clementine Face!

If I had only known what Boomer's reaction would be to eating a clementine, I would have had the camera ready!  John really wanted to give Boomer a clementine last week so I offered it to him as I was turning him out after changing blankets.  Without hesitation, he smashed it right in half, the juice squirted everywhere and he dropped it into my hand in shock.  He nodded his head and licked a bunch.  When I offered it to him again he pinned his ears and lifted his head WAY up!  It was a pretty comical sight!  He seemed so confident that he would like it but ended up with quite a shock, I guess!  

I went out again today to lunge him and I put him into the bitting rig.  I had the side reins up about halfway and he did very well.  He remembered right away what he was supposed to do and tried really hard to stretch down and towards the bit.  I could tell he felt weak, his topline is definitely back where it was before we started the dressage lessons.  Cantering was very hard for him while bitted up.  I think we probably worked for maybe 15 minutes, but I think that was plenty of time.  I am very happy with how well he behaved and how well he remembered his job.  That actually gave me a confidence boost that he isn't just going to forget everything while on a 6 month break!  


Shanster said...

Of course he won't forget. He's too smart!

Story said...

That's too funny! I wonder if he'll try the next strange treat with such enthusiasm? lol

Funder said...

Dixie absolutely adores clementines. She will even eat the peels, crazy horse - I don't know if they're good for her so I try to keep them away.

Glad Boomer remembers how to behave!