Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still off, but not 'lame'

Boomer has adjusted very well to the stall rest.  He seems to enjoy our daily hand walks and is always trying to paw at the snow to find some grass.  

Today we finally got above freezing and were actually around 40 degrees!  I decided to put Boomer in the small medical turnout (maybe 40'x60') while I cleaned his stall.  He seemed to enjoy walking around and grazing.  I got into the paddock with him and asked him to trot around me like we were lunging and he was definitely still quite off.  I wouldn't call him 'lame' because it really isn't a hind limb lameness.  It really looks higher up like he is 'hitching' his hips.  He was off in both directions.  He tried cantering a little on his own and was very short and choppy in the back.  As soon as he was back to the walk, he was fine and didn't act like there was any residual pain.   

I was a little disappointed to see how off he still is.  I had really hoped that he was doing much better with all of the stall rest.  I'm really hoping we have good weather for the rest of the week and the chiropractor will be able to see him trotting on a circle.  My hope is that she can adjust him, give him another 1-2 weeks of stall rest with walking/turnout and then adjust him again if needed and get him back out in the pasture.  


Funder said...

Aww, poor Boomer. Hope the chiro makes it out.

Story said...

I hope things go great with the chiro. Sending good wishes Boomer's way!

Sally said...

Poor Boomer! Can't even get in a good play without things getting out of whack, hope he gets better soon - and post more about the baby!