Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We have had a ton going on lately, so my Boomer time has been limited.  More on that at a later date!

I have gotten the opportunity to volunteer as a drag rider at a CTR near us in a few weeks!  There is a CTR at a local lake that my friend is hosting.  Boomer and I plan to be the drag rider behind the novice group on Saturday.  We will follow the last group out and help anyone who has trouble on the trail, gets lost, or whatever.  This will be about 20-25 miles at about 4 miles per hour.  I figure that is half walking and half trotting.  I think that will be a perfect fitness test for the fat pony! 

To get him in shape for that I have been lunging him as much as possible since I can't ride often.  I wear Paisley in our Beco pouch while I lunge Boomer.  I lunge him for 20-30 minutes.  A bit of trotting to warm up, then we do trot/canter sets- two laps of each until he has done at least 10 laps of cantering in each direction, then more trotting to cool down.  Paisley generally sleeps the whole time.  His fitness is already improving.  Another few days of that and he should be ready to go 20 miles!  

After that, there is an endurance ride at the end of June, we will take July and August off for the heat, and hopefully we will be back in shape Sept-Nov!!!

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