Friday, May 13, 2011

Hoof Trimmin'

I decided to take Paisley and Charley out to the barn this afternoon before it started to rain.  It was the first time I would attempt to take Paisley to the barn alone.  It was also the first time I was taking her somewhere where I expected/hoped to actually get something done!

My goal was to trim Boomer's hooves and maybe lunge him if I had time.  

I put Paisley in her vibrating bouncy seat (LOVE THAT THING!) and set her under a tree.  I took Boomer to the small paddock about 20 feet away and got to working on his hooves.  I had to take one break to change a diaper, but then Paisley fell asleep and I had plenty of time to get things done!  

I would say that I did a good job on his front feet, but was tired and did a half-assed job on his back feet.  I will try to start with the hinds next time.  I also want to get back into the habit of trimming him up more frequently.  I used to do once a week, but that seems like a lofty goal at this point in my life!  

After I trimmed him, I free lunged him around the paddock.  He looked really good.  Still just a tad weak in the left hind, but most of the time he looks 100%.  I also did some ground exercises with turning on the forehand to get him to cross over with his hind legs and hopefully build up some muscle.  I only trotted him around for about 10 minutes with just a bit of cantering and he was worn out!  He was sweaty and blowing.  So out of shape!  

I really want to aim to get out and work him twice a week in the daytime and then ride once a week on the weekend when John can help out.  I think if we can manage that, I can have him in much better shape and much stronger before he goes to boot camp.  Only 4 weeks and 3 days until Boomer gets a reality check!


In other news:
She smiles!!!


Shanster said...

Awwww - does she have a dimple?? She's adorable!

Good job gettin out and on your own and working Boomer? Hello? Wonder-Mom?

Endurance Granny said...

Just when I think that baby can't get any cuter SHE DOES! ~E.G.