Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bravest pony in the land!

Took Boomer for an easy ride today with another boarder, Julie.  Her horse Fitzy is an enormous 3 year old Hanoverian.  We rode around the dam and then rode in the jump field for a while.  There were a couple of ground poles set up, a flower box, a set of 3 ground poles, and two verticals.  

Fitzy had to lead us over the 3 ground poles and the flower box.  Once Boomer figured out that he could do it he was SO proud of himself.  He was licking and chewing and had his ears up- very cute.  We did quite a bit of trotting and he stayed very connected and round.  We worked on him not falling apart when trotting down the slight hill.  Going up the hill REALLY got him pushing with his back end and he very naturally come up onto the bit and was feeling awesome!  I need to work out there more often!  

My goal for the ride was to have him as responsive as he is in the arena.  I think it is more about me being a RIDER and not a PASSENGER.  

Overall, it was a very good ride and Julie and I were both proud of the boys for being so brave.  Boomer didn't get barn sour at all and I couldn't have asked for him to behave better.  Very good day!  


Dom said...

Being a rider and not a passenger is a good mentality :)

Shanster said...