Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Charley!!!!

Charley turned 3 years old on Saturday!  He started the day with an early morning jog with John and lots of snuggling.  
He got to open his first present in the morning- an owl from Grandpa!  It makes a noise like a real hoot owl!  Charley thinks it is great! 
His next present was a new Jolly Ball!!!  He had pretty well destroyed his last one and it was so cute to see him excited for a new ball!  I thought he might have some preference for the old ball and left it in the yard just in case, but he hasn't touched it since he got his new one!

I made his traditional birthday meatloaf!  He loves birthday meatloaf!  I just start making meatloaf- mix beef and egg- then I separate some out for him and add a cup or so of his dry dog food and bake it for about 30 minutes.  I then make regular meatloaf for John and I to have for dinner.  It is a fun tradition!

Charley's last present was a Hide-a-toy beehive!  It is the cutest toy!  It is a plush hive with three bees that squeak!  He figured it out pretty quickly and seems to really enjoy 'finding' the bees!  

Plum tuckered out!!!


Shanster said...

He has to be the cutest dog EVER! Happy birthday Charlie!!

Heather said...

Well... I certainly think so!!! :)