Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I know I haven't been posting much, but things have been pretty slow around here! The hardest part of endurance riding, for me, is the week of rest after a ride!!! It never fails that we have beautiful weather the whole time.

I have ridden Boomer twice since my lesson and had two wildly different rides. First ride was the day after my lesson and he was just NOT. playing. along. Nope. I was so pumped about our progress, excited to keep working, etc, etc. He was really looking forward to a day of pretending to be a giraffe. We got through his temper tantrum, but ended up having almost a 90 minute ride before I felt like we could end on a really good note. It was a long tantrum. In his defense, I KNOW he doesn't do well ridden two days in a row. He prefers to work every other day. I know that and I should respect it. I was just so excited to keep working and riding!
Our next ride was on Monday and I went out to ride in some new gear so that I wouldn't have to try anything new at the next competition. I recently got a new halter/bridle, bit, and boots.
Everything worked wonderfully and Boomer was awesome. I had him in our trail gear even though we were riding in the arena due to rain and I just let him go around on a loose rein as long as he was carrying himself with a rounded back. He actually did really well and we got some great canter circles! Very proud of him! This was after 3 days off. Baby likes his free time.

I got a Zilco halter/bridle in hunter green. I like this bridle because it will make things easier at vet holds to already have a halter on the horse, but it isn't nearly as bulky as keeping a 'regular' halter under my bridle. This material will also be a dream to clean. I used to love cleaning my leather tack. Funny how endurance changes you!

My new bit is a low port kimberwicke. I was using a jointed argentine shanked snaffle. After I started using a french link snaffle for dressage, I have noticed that Boomer no longer appreciates a single jointed bit. I don't blame him. However, on the trail, I want a little leverage and I like having the curb chain-just in case. However, you cant get a french ling mouth with leverage and a curb chain... So, I opted for a low port kimberwicke. So far, he is going awesome in it! It takes so little to get him to round up and respond!

My new boots... Oh, my new boots... *sigh* I LOVE my new boots. I have ridden in Ariat Paddock Boots for ages. Literally, almost two decades. I love the Ariat paddock boots. However, they seem to only last around 5 years. My current pair I have had since college so they are around 4-5 years old. They have cracked around the toes and let in sand and water. I finally replaced them after I rode in them for 50 miles in the rain at the State Fair Express. I replaced them with a pair of Ariat terrains. It was a hard decision to get something other than the Paddocks, but I felt like the Terrains would be super comfortable for the long haul on endurance rides.

Just in case you feel like Mustangs are underrepresented breed on this blog, here is John's new favorite horse:


Merri said...

I wear a type of Roper Horseshoes, love them - in fact I just got a new pair - and I made myself throw out my oldest pair, which not only had holes and tears but the layers were coming apart. It was still so hard to throw them out!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Shanster said...

Well good for you for getting a good end note! I like my days off too! grin. I have to say my new boots last year for my birfday were a much welcomed treat!

Oh John... that isn't just ONE horse, that is 300+ horses under that hood. ;)