Thursday, June 10, 2010

Always the same, always a surprise

I am constantly amazed at how well Boomer does with time off.  I hadn't ridden him in 10 days when I decided to hop on for a short, easy schooling session yesterday.  I expected him to be full of himself and a little rusty on the basics, but he was better than ever!  I don't get it!  He just loves time off!  He went right to work and was easily and readily giving to pressure.  We had a nice long warm up on a long rein, then did a little more collected/lateral work, and then just a few minutes of trot and canter work.  He did awesome and I was so proud of him!  His post-canter trot work is really improving and he settles down right away if I give him a ton of things to do, mostly just zig-zagging from letter to letter across the arena.  We cooled out with some great stretchy trot circles and then walked on a long rein and practiced walk/halt transitions.  I was absolutely thrilled with the ride!  It took everything I had to not go back out to ride today.  But, I know he wouldn't be as good and I also have a ton to do around the house today.  

The De-Lyte Bites business is going very well!  I have had an overwhelming positive response and I have been shipping samples all over the country from Auburn, CA to Louisville, KY!!!  Most of my interest has come from endurance riders, polo players, and pleasure riders.  As far as sales go, I really think that most of my sales will come from events where I market in person.  Shipping is just so high it is hardly justifiable to pay as much for shipping as you pay for the product.  So, my goal is to make it to as many events as possible.  I plan on donating a few bags to each event I go to as prizes and then self-promoting throughout the day.  My 'aiming for the stars' goal is to get picked up by a distributor like Long Rider's Gear or Distance Depot.    

A question for my readers:  If you were purchasing De-Lyte Bites, would you rather have lots of size options for packaging or just one size?  I am debating between offering single serving (4 cookies), 12 serving (48 cookies), and 24 serving (96 cookies) sizes or just offering a 12 serving size and using the single serving size as a promotional offering.  I, personally, am leaning towards just offering a 12 serving size just due to packaging constraints.  What do you think?

As always, let me know if you want to try a sample.  Those of you who read this and also have your own blog, contact me if you are interested in doing a review in exchange for a free sample!  People are generally either doing reviews on palatability or efficacy.  If you have an event coming up and would like to use my cookies instead of your regular electrolytes, please contact me!  


~ C said...

I'm managing an endurance event (the Nevada Moonshine Ride) on 6/26 if you're interested in sending some out for promotion. I'd offer to do a review for you, but I honestly don't know when my next ride will be, and Diego pretty much eats anything. ;) He would say "Yum, Yum!" for sure. LOL

Shanster said...

Seems like offering a the 12 serving would be the most practical and maybe once you get regulars they will want the larger size? It'll be interesting to see where it leads. We thought for our lotion people would want bigger sizes but the 2oz tiny size is the better seller... it's more $ and less product but that is what people buy more of which suprised us actually.

I run into the same issue...shipping makes it more spendy and I think less desirable so local markets are the way to go for us...

Love your enthusiasm and briliance! grin.

Glad you had a another great ride on your boy. I find the same with Sera... and love that she can have time off and I can just get on and go.