Friday, June 18, 2010

Expect the unexpected!

Lots of big news around here!  

First off, my De-Lyte Bites business is taking off in a big way!  I am offering an 8 serving bag (32 cookies) for $5.  I can ship up to 5 bags at a time for a flat rate of $10.  

The next big news is that John and I are moving again!  John was offered a promotion, which is great, but its back in B-ville.  It is definitely a bitter-sweet feeling.  We were so happy to leave Bartlesville for Lawrence.  We have only been here a year, but the newness hasn't warn off.  We LOVE Lawrence!  This is a good career move for John and we are learning to look at the long term in our decisions.  One thing we learned from our time in B-ville last year was that we needed to be closer to Tulsa.  So, this time around we are looking for property just north of Tulsa.  We will be much closer to family, friends, and culture.  We don't have any final dates yet, but it will be sooner rather than later.  

I'm not sure how the move will effect my endurance season yet.  I am hopeful that we can still go on as planned, however I am prepared for the financial crunch that buying a home always puts on a family!  If nothing else, an upside to moving to Oklahoma is that we won't have to get a health certificate for all of the rides in the state!  There are plenty of rides in Oklahoma and NONE in Kansas, so I was always having to pay an extra $60 per ride for the health certificate!  Thats a bonus!      

I know this blog is supposed to be about Boomer, so here is the latest on my guy!  Boomer has been doing wonderfully!  I have been riding him about every other day and he is doing great!  He is consistently in the bridle and seeking contact.  He has discovered the joy of stretching his neck down on a trot circle but comes willingly back up to a working frame.  He no longer roots the reins or fights contact.  His gaits are regular and rhythmic.  His canter has improved tremendously.  We are working on canter serpentines and figure eights with changes of lead through the trot.  I have no complaints about our progress!  He got his shoes taken off after our 2 day 100 mile ride and I trimmed them today.  They look great and you can't even tell he had shoes on.  I am so happy with how healthy his hooves are!  

We have lots of changes coming up this summer.  Seems like the summers are always busy times for me.  Two years ago I got Boomer, last year we moved to Kansas, and this year we are headed back to Oklahoma!  

Hang on for the ride!


Funder said...

Congrats on the promotion and the sales so far! Sucks that you're not excited to move, but hopefully you'll find a better location and be happy back in Oklahoma. Boomer sounds like he's happy too :) Are you looking for a place where you can keep him at home?

Endurance Granny said...


Have you tested shelf life of your elyte cookies yet? I'm wondering how long they will keep, which gives a person an idea of how many to order vs. how many you use.


Heather said...

Funder- Thanks for the congrats! We are both bummed and excited for different reasons. It is an unexpected adjustment, but we will make it though!!! Part of the excitement is that we ARE looking for a place with 10-15 acres! Yay!!!

EG- I have a sealed bag and an unsealed bag that are both over 3 weeks old with no changes. Because salt is a natural preservative, I think the only change will be that the cookies will eventually dry out and get crunchy.

Shanster said...

Yowza, you are one busy woman! I'm sorry you have to move - moving in general sort of sucks... but I know why you are and it's great! Congrats for the promotion! It is good to look down the road... and you are more informed about where you need to be when you move so it's all good.

Hooray for Boomer - keep up the fabulous work!

Heather said...

Shanster! Thanks! We are so busy... seems like our life is just a whirlwind, but in some ways we like it that way! Eventually we will settle down and look back at these years and smile at all we crammed in! Load up the moving van (again)! :)

Sally said...

Oklahoma is ok ;) but it does suck moving back if you like KS better!