Thursday, September 23, 2010

Same as Monday...

I repeated the same round pen, lunging, riding to cool-out routine on Wednesday and felt really good about it.  It was a windy day and there were maintenance guys weed eating and spreading grass seed, so it had potential to be exciting.  However, Boomer really held himself together like a big boy!  Once at the canter, he surprised us both by spooking, hitting the side reins and sort of freezing into a straight legged boing.  Not sure how else to describe it, but it wasn't a buck.  He just braced against the reins, stiffened his legs and went straight up a few inches.  I scolded him and said whoa, he stopped instantly, then I had him trot forward until he relaxed and then canter on.  After that he was fine.  I think it was more surprise than anything.  

Riding him was good.  I brought out a bigger girth.  He seems to be growing...  The saddle I am borrowing has strange billets.  They are short billets, but the holes start much further up than normal.  It looks like there are two holes missing.  Since he is girthy and needs to be done up s-l-o-w-l-y, I think that a longer girth was needed even though the shorter one still fit.  

Otherwise, not much new or exciting going on.  John and I have our 16 week appointment next Thursday, hoping to find out the gender!  I can't believe we are already almost through 4 months!  Almost half way done already!  I can't wait to post some good pregnancy pictures, but I'm still wearing (and buttoning!) my pre-pregnancy jeans.  So, not much to get excited about there!  

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Shanster said...

so glad you are enjoying your horse again and feeling better. Sorta think it's part of the life experience... new phases of our lives and all that. Tho you are young and full o' new life. Me? I'm just OLD and gettin' OLDER! heh. heh.