Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wonderful day

I had a wonderful day on Monday with Boomer.  After walking past him in the pasture, he turned and started following me.  I looked back and saw him looking at me like "Mom, where are you going?"!!!  I took him for a little walk around the property and enjoyed looking at how shiny and beautiful he is.  I took quite a while grooming him and trimmed up his feet.  It was quiet and relaxed.  

He has had a little crusty spot on his belly from fly bites for about a week now and even though I am treating it with corona ointment and SWAT, it is still itchy.  Here is a video of him getting his belly scratched.  

We have recently decided to move Boomer closer to home.  I love, absolutely love, the barn we are currently boarding at.  However, it is a long drive (30 minutes one way) and expensive.  In the past, I have justified paying the  $300 for pasture board because I had the heated, lighted indoor arena to use year round.  However, I am not riding enough right now to justify that expense.  I feel like I am missing out on valuable Boomer time because I hesitate to go visit him when I know I won't be riding.  It just seems like such a long drive to make to give the horse a treat.  I will miss all of the wonderful friends I have made and will miss having the ability to trail ride from the property.  

However, the new place we are moving is wonderful as well.  The best part about this place is that it is literally 9 minutes door-to-door.  (I am amazed at how quickly I can get there!  I look forward to just being able to 'pop in' and say hello when I'm all big and pregnant and wobbly!)  It is a similar sized property at 65 acres.  It currently houses only 8 or 9 horses.  There is a 6 stall barn, tack room, feed room and wash stall.  There is a sand based outdoor arena and large jump field at the back of the property.  There is also trailer parking near the rear of the property.  The horses are kept by gender and rotated through pastures to prevent over grazing.  They are fed hay in winter in round bale feeders.  Each pasture has a faucet and electric outlet.  Large heated tubs are put out in winter.  The owners live on the gated property.  They focus on dressage training and the owners breed their hanoverian mare every other year.  They have her 4 year old filly as a riding horse and she also has a 4 month old filly at her side.  They occasionally have Emily Wagner come in for training and lessons.   

Our original plan was to move November 1st, as per our 30 day notice agreement.  Luckily, our current barn had a waiting list for the pasture and has allowed us to move without fulfilling the 30 day notice since they were able to immediately fill our spot.   So, Boomer moves Saturday!  I will make sure to get pictures of the move day!  

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