Saturday, April 9, 2011

2011 Ride Season

I have high hopes for this year's ride season.  I have a number of goals ranging from small to large in order to both keep me satisfied and challenged.  

Goal 1:
Ride at least one 50 mile ride this year.  The point of this goal is to keep Boomer and I in the numbers for becoming a decade team.  AERC recognizes horse and rider teams who have ridden together for 10 ride seasons.  Longevity is the name of the game.  I think Boomer and I can make it happen!

Goal 2:
Ride three 50 mile rides to bring our lifetime milage up to 500 miles.  

Goal 3:
Ride as many rides as possible from August- November.  
7/30- Camp Carl- Stillwater, OK
8/13- Camp Prague- Prague, OK
10/1- Indian Territory Elevator- Foyil, OK (at the lake where we swam 50 miles last year) 
10/15- Jo Tate Fall Paradise- Washburn, MO (beautiful trails)
11/25-11/26- Season Finale- Chandler, OK (our first ride back in 2009)

So, I'm hoping that we can meet as many of these goals as possible.  I am thinking that most likely, I will travel to these on my own and John and Paisley will stay home.  The other option is for them to drive separately and stay with John's sister who lives within an hour of most of these rides.  


Story said...

Can I say how awesome I think that is? I've seen much smaller things than having a new baby cause people to put all plans on hold. I'm really happy to hear you are planning to get back in the saddle and go for it! You distance riders are a special breed!

Heather said...

Having a baby does totally change your life and everything in it in ways you would never imagine. BUT- John and I feel that it is very important, maybe one of the most important things, for our kid(s) to see that we have a life outside of raising them. We want our kid(s) to appreciate that we, too, are people with wants and needs. Our big goal is to not raise kids who think the whole world revolves around them.

On John's part, he is working on qualifying for the Boston Marathon!

Funder said...

Great goals!