Monday, April 25, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Cute

The Good
Boomer is awesome to ride.  He hasn't forgotten anything and tries just as hard as he did 6 months ago!  I am amazed at how much he retained!  I figured that he would come back and need a refresher on what we had learned in our lessons with Karin, but he acts as if he hasn't missed a day!

The Bad
Boomer doesn't like being back in work.  He has been throwing tantrums and pulling back.  It started when   the farrier was coming out and Boomer had to stand still for 2 hours while we waited.  He was antsy and a brat until I tied him up and ignored him.  He stood patiently for about 45 minutes and was good for the trimmer.  The second time I came out to ride him, he flew backwards as I approached with the saddle.  I untied him and followed him back with the saddle until he stopped and then saddled him up.  He went back about 50 feet before he stopped acting like the saddle was going to eat him.  When I went out to ride yesterday he pulled back because someone was using the hose in the barn- 60 feet away.  He started prancing around and then pulled back.  I untied the rope when he stopped and was retying it when he pulled back again.  I got a rope burn on the back of my hand.  He stood quietly to be saddled.  I went to bridle him and he started raising his head and acting like he was going to fly backwards (he was not tied).  By this point, I was losing my temper.  So, I led him towards the barn to get my lunge line and...he refused to go in the barn.  After 5-6 refusals, he eventually followed me in.  After I lunged him, he let me bridle him with his head lowered and our ride was lovely.  

Basically, I'm sick of his sh*t.  He was the project I wanted 3 years ago.  But, right now I just want something I can saddle up and ride without it being an exercise in patience.  If he wasn't marginally lame, he would be back in boot camp tomorrow.  I know he is just resisting working- his 6 month vacation was good!  He needs a job and needs to know it is consistent.  As it is, I'm going to have him adjusted by the chiropractor and continue doing walk-work rehab.  If he is still an assh*le once he is sound- he is off to bootcamp.

The Cute
Camo baby blends right in!


Dom said...

Sounds like Boomer's gonna get his butt kicked into gear. Camo baby is adorable.

Endurance Granny said...

She is so beautiful!

When do we hear the birth story?

~E.G. said...

Some horses are meant to teach us patience. Unfortunately for have one of 'em. Good luck with that :). (speaking from experience)

Shanster said...

Reaching the end of your patience is a good thing! How is she so BIG already?? Adorable!

Heather said...

She has already gained 2 pounds! It makes me so sad every time she out grows a onesie! She is the smallest she will ever be right now and I don't want her to ever grow up!!!