Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change of scenery

Yesterday I decided that the round pen was getting boring. If I am bored, it won't be long before Boomer is too. So, I used the paddock next to his as a new place to longe. Being a new place, he was very snorty and curious. But he still behaved very well. He could longe on a bigger circle, so he was a little confused and did try to change directions or stop, but only halfheartedly, like he was confused and not misbehaving. The paddocks are twice as long as they are wide so on the top and bottom of the circle he would pull on the line. I held steady and eventually he began to understand the idea of the circle. I longed him until he was more relaxed than when we started. Then I looped his rope over the fence by the hose and went to get the belly rope. But he pulled back. I am afraid he has learned this pull back trick works for getting him untied. So, my solution is to start tying him with the belly rope. He needs to be able to stand tied. Anyway, I got his belly rope and put it on him and then I rinsed him all by myself! He was a bit prancy and snorty, but did very well! I was proud of him! After I turned him out I went out and took a bunch of pictures of him.
Here is a picture of the top of his paddock. His water trough is shared by his neighbors and has a faucet and hose on the other side of the fence. His feed bucket is over the 9' x12' tarp in the corner by his shed. On the other side of the shed is the gate. The first four pictures were taken in the back of the paddock where Boomer hangs out with Peanut and Pals. He has a bale of hay in the shed and one by the back fence.

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