Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting up to date...

Flyin L Sabumi II, or 'Boomer' for all practical purposes, came into my life July 8th, 2008. I had been looking for the perfect endurance mount for months. He had to be Arabian, have a long stride, with large feet, a deep girth, and charming personality. I found Boomer and though he wasn't trained to be ridden, I knew I was interested. John and I went to check him out and found that he was overweight, under handled, and a bit of a handful. No problem!
Day one:
Well, on the 8th I went to pick him up with the owner of the boarding facility. It took us two hours to get the horse loaded into the trailer. We finally got him in by removing a gate from the fence and using the panel behind boomer to encourage him to jump into the trailer. We got him home an hour later to find that he had broken his second lead rope of the day and sustained a number of cuts to his forehead. As soon as I got him home I took him out to the round pen to work on joining up. It only took about 10 minutes to get him into a full sweat and once he started to relax, I released pressure and allowed him to walk in to me. I felt this was a huge stride already. Then I tried to lead him back to his stall only to have him begin to rear again and back up so quickly that he ripped the longe line through my hands (thankfully I was wearing gloves) all the way to the end of the line.

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