Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting up to date (3)...

Day three:

Today felt like a big turning point. I really felt like Boomer and I bonded a lot today and made progress. I spent a lot of time grooming him and he really seemed to enjoy it. He is very flighty and it seems that the only handling he has had is being groomed, a routine he enjoys. At one point he turned around in his stall and kicked my grooming tote, scattering things and sending him off in a tizzy. I was afraid it would really set back the progress we had made, but he recovered quickly and watched calmly as I picked up all of the tools.

This was also the day that I discovered he does not like having his feet handled. More on that later.

It was raining a little today and I was wearing a rain coat, after a while I got hot and took it off and was somewhat surprised that Boomer didn't spook. I decided to sack him out to the jacket and he did beautifully! I laid it over him like a saddle blanket and he even wore it over his head! I was really impressed!

My afternoon visit was equally exciting. I decided it was about time to try a saddle and I borrowed one of Raymond's western saddles. After a bit of sniffing, I tossed it on and Boomer jigged around a bit but accepted it well. He kicked a little at the girth but did well over all. I walked him around and swung the stirrups at his sides. After a while I took it off and put my english saddle on him and he accepted it like it wasn't anything at all! I was so proud of him!

I can't believe that after only two days he is already wearing a saddle!

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