Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting up to date (5)...

The move:

After driving around like a chicken with my head cut off, I finally found a place to board in Dewey. John and I went out to check it out and found it to be a relief. There were six happy horses in three small pastures. Boomer would have his own paddock with a shed and water tank. There would be three horses to the south and two to the north. We were in love. We told the women we would be in contact with her as soon as we could get a trailer lined up. John and I then drove to a feed store in Bartlesville and the owner offered to move Boomer that night! We called Sallie and couldn't get a hold of her and decided to bring him up anyway. Getting Boomer into the trailer wasn't soo bad this time. We immediately took a fence panel into his stall, backed the trailer up to the gate and he hopped right in. That was when the trouble started. He began to rear and got himself turned around backwards. I was terrified he would try to jump out of the back window! We got him turned around and tied his head tight. He continued to stomp and shake the trailer. We drove him to Sequili Stables and when I went to unload him he was drenched in sweat and more anxious than I have ever seen a horse. I decided to hook the longe line stud chain over his nose and pass the line through the trailer and out the back door. John donned my gloves and held the line in case Boomer took off. I then opened the back door and coaxed him backwards. He jumped out and was pretty shaky. It took both John and I to lead him to his pen. Once in, it started pouring down rain. I'm glad it didn't start any earlier!

I am so thankful for the kindness of those who helped us today. I thank Patrick and his wife for helping us trailer Boomer on such short notice, I thank Sallie for having such a wonderful place and for allowing us to bring Boomer on such short notice.

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