Friday, December 12, 2008


For the past week I have been working on a project. I built three cavalletti jumps! I used three 2x4 boards, cut into 24" sections and screwed together to make and X. Then I used three 8' landscaping posts and bolted them onto the crotch of the X's. Then I painted them white with green stripes! The cool think about them is that the height of the jump varies based on how you set them! Since the pole is bolted on, you can turn it upside down for the lowest setting, about 6", on its side for about 12", and right side up for about 18". We took them out yesterday and Boomer was pretty scared of them. Once he got over being scared, he walked and trotted over them quietly. He tried to dodge out a few times. When a horse is first learning to jump, it is imperitive that they are never allowed to refuse a jump. You must back them up or circle them and have them go over it, no matter how slowly or clumsily it is. He seemed to enjoy himself over the low and medium height jumps!

I got his blanket today and it is too small. I measured him and he was about 66". The blanket is a 68" and was about 3" too small. It didn't even touch in the front for adjusting when it was properly placed on his rump. So, I ordered another one today which should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday. That really frustrated me. I hate waiting for things to ship. I ordered a 72" this time. Fire's old blanket that he was borrowing was a 76" and had about a 4-5" gap in the front. So, hopefully this fits. If not, I may give up.

Also, the horse and I are not friends right now. He bit me yesterday on the back hard enough to make a blood blister. He really is not plesant to be around. Riding him is another story, but I really really don't like being around him on the ground a lot of the time. I just don't get how a horse can be so mean and aggressive on the ground, but be a completly submissive, willing partner while you ride. I guess some horses are just jerks. Sure makes me miss Fire.

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oregonsunshine said...

We were buying a Morgan like that. I called him the GFJ (Giant Flaming Jackass) as he bit me on the thumb and left a good sized blood blister as well. The GFJ was a jerk.

I'm sorry Boomer isn't being a good pony. I wish you knew why so you could overcome the obstacle.